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There is still a chance to save the Sumatran rhino

Captive breeding is a controversial strategy in the conservation community. From the unpredictable nature of capturing and relocating wild animals to the vagaries of advanced reproductive technology or unsuccessful coupling, it is a challenging and risky undertaking. Above all perhaps, it is a tacit admission of failure to protect and conserve an animal in the wild – seemingly an altogether more noble approach.

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Playing For Our Planet [Preface]

As sporting men and women, it is in our nature to compete, to challenge, to win – but also to show respect, embody fair play and take responsibility. In and through our games, we should show nature and life on Earth the same regard we show each other, for that it is the essence of who we are and what we do. We are as dependent upon nature’s gifts as we are on our friends, family, fans and team-mates. And it is time that we truly started playing for our planet.

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PAN UK, Solidaridad, WWF

Sustainable Cotton Ranking 2017 [EDITING]

Used in hundreds of everyday items, from clothes and bed linen to mattresses, towels and even bank notes, cotton is ever present in our lives. It is a key raw material for the textile industry and represents about 30% of all fibre used in the sector. Globally, around 30 million hectares are planted with cotton, accounting for more than 2% of total arable land3, and producing approximately 25 million metric tonnes (MT) of cotton annually. Grown in around 80 countries, more than 100 million households around the world are directly engaged in cotton cultivation, relying on it for their income. Full report and summary here:

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MAVA Foundation

Hero Stories – MAVA Foundation

At the heart of all our work are 'heroes' - passionate people dedicated to delivering effective and lasting conservation. With the conservation community, these inspirational partners are our greatest asset. Without them, we could not achieve our mission. Read some of our heroes' stories here – find out more about their incredible work, what makes them unique partners, what challenges they face, and their hopes for the future.

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Pride & Partnership - in life as in sport, teamwork and commitment never fail

During the race at Penrith Lakes, as our crew worked together for the 5 minutes and 47.91 seconds it took us to cover the 2000m course and cross the line utterly spent, I knew – and felt in my bones – that we were giving all that we possibly could. At the finish, there was nothing left in the tank. Securing silver was absolutely the best result we could have achieved. For me, there have never been any ‘what ifs’.

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History, partnership and calculated risk in times of change for the FSC

History, partnership and calculated risk in times of change for the FSC Ideas shape the course of history. And as we approach the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) 25th anniversary, we should remind ourselves of the ideas and ambitions that have made forest and market history. A failure to tackle social exclusion, rampant deforestation and illegal logging in tropical forests in the 1980s, paired with a weak outcome on forests at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit gave birth to something extraordinary .

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