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Beyond fear, authority and generations

Alison Coburn and Kathleen Bury who run the MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy bring a unique combination of personal and professional experience and insight to the programme. "Real investment in people is relatively uncommon in the non-profit sector. And without it, the demanding vocational nature of conservation work means burn-out is all too common. MAVA’s investment recognizes it’s people that deliver change." Alison Coburn Kathleen and Alison are passionate about personal growth and change. Having both come to mentoring and leadership from other sectors, Kathleen from oil and gas and Alison from broadcasting, they understand the need to do work that matches personal values.

Seeing The Wood For The Trees

Strong, light, flexible, attractive and renewable, wood is perhaps the ultimate raw material. Integral to our lives for millennia, its future uses are bound only by the limits of our collective imagination. Tomorrow morning we might clean our teeth with recyclable wood fibre brushes in front of nano-crystal mirrors made from wood-based composites. Then, at breakfast, read the news electronically on the wood-based semi-conducting polymeric screen built into kitchen tables. And later at work, use fibre-based displays that change according to our schedules and moods.

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